difference between online exam and offline exam

What’s the Difference between Online Exam and Offline Exam?

What is the key difference between online exam and offline exam? Are online exams better than offline exams? Which one is faster in grading? And, it can be more confusing now to talk about paper-based exams in the same context. So “are offline exams and paper-based exams the same?” If …

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rules on how do online proctored exams work via Qorrect e-assessment system using a computer

How Do Online Proctored Exams Work Successfully?

This is a blog on how do online proctored exams work. Proctored exams have never been more on demand. With a newly changed system of testing due to COVID-19, colleges all over the world are racing to get the latest tech to detect cheating and secure online exams. To ensure …

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qorrect online assessment system - formative and summative evaluation

Summative Assessment Overview, Purposes, and Best Online Software

Summative assessment is not fun! It is something only used to assess students’ grades and that’s it. Or at least this is what some may imagine. This conviction is certainly a little widespread, although it barely scratches the surface of the importance of this assessment and how engaging and equally …

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test takers amazed colleagues excited by online win or result - qorrect assessment system

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Online Exams Software

Online exams software technology has been embraced by top notch schools, universities, and training centers. In a world where everything is becoming better virtual, the concept of online tests reliability is growing by the day. As an educational administration, you made sure to motivate teachers, students, and other personnel. You …

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essential teaching skills for professors and school teachers

Essential Teaching Skills Secrets for a Better Lecture

Teaching skills are an important factor for all teachers aspiring to lead and guide their classroom. Such skills are indispensable for teachers who affect the lives of students much more than we can ever imagine. A teacher with the right skills is able to inspire and influence the student’s entire …

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