What is the importance of achievement tests in education?

Achievement tests

The achievement test is a mechanism inherent in any educational process; it is a procedure for assessing educational outcomes and evaluating different levels of learners. Educators can’t administer the teaching process without achievement tests, neither in evaluating their students nor in evaluating their teaching methods, nor can learners assess their …

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Different types of psychometric tests in recruitment to use!

types of psychometric tests in recruitment

While conducting the fifteenth interview that day, Mr. Mohammed wished he could somehow get deep into the mind and soul of the applicant sitting in front of him; to accurately assess his suitability for the job without hesitation! Wow! Mr. Mohammed’s wish has come true! The various types of psychometric …

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7 differences between Formative and Summative Evaluation!

the difference between Formative and Summative Evaluation

The difference between different types of evaluation, especially the difference between formative and summative evaluation, is a very vital topic every educator should know about; in order to perfectly employ each type within the teaching process and to conduct good tests. Formative and summative evaluation are among the most common …

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