Assessment and Measurement

Measurement in Education: Why Everyone Is Talking about It?

measurement in education

If you’re wondering why measurement in education is always the talk of everyone, even in the fine days of summer, you’ve come to the right place!  Measurement means a lot of things but above all it lets you enhance the overall educational movement based on the resulting analytics you get, …

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7 Key Characteristics of a Good Test in Education in 10 Minutes

Characteristics of a good test in education from Qorrect

Sticking to as many characteristics of a good test in education as possible is a challenging process for teachers. In 10 min or less, you’ll get a brief on all commonly agreed upon characteristics, practical ways to employ them in order to make your test reliable, and top of the …

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Top Advantages of Online Examination System Bound to Empower You

top advantages of online examination system bound to empower you from Qorrect

There is some assumption that advantages of online examination system are limited to the fact that they offer an MCQs questions bank or software for quick tests. We think this is an unfair conclusion! On the other hand, some might say that only certain large institutions should seek out comprehensive …

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11 Best Exam and Assessment Platforms of 2021

best exam and assessment platforms

2021’s best exam and assessment platforms in a single list… Are you a little tired of the sheer amount of exam apps out there? You’re not alone. Of a thousand and one debates and disagreements over the best types of assessments emerge a thousand more platforms and applications tailored just …

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