Yasmine Nasr

Yasmine Nasr has been part of the content world since 2017. She has worked as a translator, content writer, editor, copyeditor, and English language instructor. She holds a BA degree in English, Translation, and Literature, plus a degree in literary and media translation from the American University in Cairo. Today Yasmine is a content writer interested in education technology, especially exams autograding, computer-based exams, evaluation & assessment systems, and LMS, in relation to academic accreditation with the aim to improve exams quality and student learning and experience.

How to Make an Online Test for Students Stand Out in 2022!

A woman checking a list on how to make an online test for students stand out in 2022

Perfecting how to make an online test for students is now much easier than you think… Making it stand out? Hmm.. If that sounds too much, we’re here to help! Teachers now want to get their hands on the best online test maker out there. They need to have better, …

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Purpose of Online Examination System: 15+ Things to Know

A college professor writing an essay on the purspose of online examination system on his laptop

Here, we look closely at the use, advantage, & purpose of online examination system, adopted in many universities around the world in the past few years. The idea of the online exam system has gradually become almost tangible to us all during the last year, for its outstanding importance, objectives, …

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7 Key Characteristics of a Good Test in Education in 10 Minutes

Characteristics of a good test in education from Qorrect

Sticking to as many characteristics of a good test in education as possible is a challenging process for teachers. In 10 min or less, you’ll get a brief on all commonly agreed upon characteristics, practical ways to employ them in order to make your test reliable, and top of the …

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Top Advantages of Online Examination System Bound to Empower You

top advantages of online examination system bound to empower you from Qorrect

There is some assumption that advantages of online examination system are limited to the fact that they offer an MCQs questions bank or software for quick tests. We think this is an unfair conclusion! On the other hand, some might say that only certain large institutions should seek out comprehensive …

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Thanks for Attending Our Effective Higher Ed E-Assessments Webinar

higher ed e-assessments

Qorrect held its first free webinar “Ensuring Effective E-Assessment for Higher Ed” on Wednesday 3, November. Thanks a million for the overwhelming support we’ve received while planning for Qorrect’s first webinar on higher ed effective e-assessments. We’re very grateful for the feedback we’re still receiving till today about all the …

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Free Webinar: Ensuring Effective E-Assessment for Higher Ed

Qorrect's webinar on eassessment in higher education

Join the much anticipated free webinar on quality e-assessment for higher ed. By popular demand, Qorrect is to hold its first free webinar “Ensuring Effective E-Assessment for Higher Education.” The webinar on Wednesday 3, November 2021, 7 PM Cairo Time and 8 PM KSA, is to be introduced to you …

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Qorrect’s New Website Is Now Live

Qorrect’s New Website for eassessments

Qorrect team has some great news to share with you! We’re happy to announce that our new website is now officially live. Qorrect now has a new look. It’s very clear, simple, you’ll love it just like us. In case you’re wondering, this is the new home for the e-assessments …

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11 Best Exam and Assessment Platforms of 2021

best exam and assessment platforms

2021’s best exam and assessment platforms in a single list… Are you a little tired of the sheer amount of exam apps out there? You’re not alone. Of a thousand and one debates and disagreements over the best types of assessments emerge a thousand more platforms and applications tailored just …

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New Partnership with EDF: 5700+ Student E-Exams Delivered

EDF and Qorrect partnership - e-exams

Qorrect is delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with the Education Development Fund (EDF), Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers, to power up Egypt’s technological institutions and start a new assessments’ success journey. On July 4, Qorrect team signed a partnership with Dr. Ahmed Elhewy, Secretary General of the government’s Education Development …

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