How Will ChatGPT Change Education and Teaching

Discover How Will ChatGPT Change Education and Teaching!

In light of Elon Musk’s viral tweet: “It’s a new world. Goodbye homework!”, the discussion about How will ChatGPT Change Education and Teaching has become one of the main conversations at various local and international educational meetings! Indeed, the success of the ChatGPT technology has attracted the interest of millions …

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educational assessment

5 keys to conducting an effective educational assessment!

Does the educational assessment succeed in achieving its purpose? This question has become the main concern of measurement and evaluation experts, and for all those responsible for and involved in the educational process. Especially in the current orientation, which is interested in the educational process becoming an innovative process in …

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Qorrect 2022 recap

Qorrect 2022 recap: an inspiring e-assessment system story

Qorrect 2022 recap has been a story of great achievements that have strengthened our customers’ trust in us and attracted new partners. Year after year, Qorrect system is moving closer to its clients and at a thoughtful and clear pace towards its main goal of becoming a trusted partner for …

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Achievement tests

What is the importance of achievement tests in education?

The achievement test is a mechanism inherent in any educational process; it is a procedure for assessing educational outcomes and evaluating different levels of learners. Educators can’t administer the teaching process without achievement tests, neither in evaluating their students nor in evaluating their teaching methods, nor can learners assess their …

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types of psychometric tests in recruitment

Different types of psychometric tests in recruitment to use!

While conducting the fifteenth interview that day, Mr. Mohammed wished he could somehow get deep into the mind and soul of the applicant sitting in front of him; to accurately assess his suitability for the job without hesitation! Wow! Mr. Mohammed’s wish has come true! The various types of psychometric …

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